Frequently asked

Is this affiliate marketing?

Yes and no. While we place ad units with top publishers and you only pay when an order is sent your way, Test Dryve is more than just affiliate marketing. Top publishers trust us to because of the quality of the brands we work with, and we work with them to find the right content integrations and ad placements.

Who are the customers you are bringing us?

Only customers with intent - those who want to try your product. We aren't bringing low quality traffic to your site for a few, we are only bringing you actual customers who want to try your product.

Who are your publisher partners?

We have a broad range of publishers we work directly with ranging from global gaming apps like NBA2K to our network of "mommy blogs," such as On My Kid's Plate.

Who controls the creative of the ad units?

We create the ad units for you - at no charge. We just need your brand assets and, of course, your trial offer. You'll have final creative approval.

What e-commerce platforms do you work with?

We prefer Shopify and Shopify+, but we can work with all the major e-commerce platform.

How soon will I see orders?  

Once our agreement is signed and our trial campaign is set, you can expect to see orders in about a week.

Do you have access to my e-commerce platform? 

With the exception of Shopify+, we don't need a login to your e-commerce platform and we won't have any admin access to make any sorts of changes.

How are sales tracked?

We use deep links which track the orders we are dropping directly into your e-commerce platform.

What type of offers work best?

The best type of offers are trial packs sold for under $10 with free shipping. Test Dryve can also support sample-to-rebill offers so you can have a recurring customer. though less effective as it's usually a higher ticket price, Test Dryve also works with bundle discounts.

The world is going cookie-less, are you ready?

Test Dryve was made for the Cookie-less marketing world. We drive sales and customer acquisition through direct links with our publisher partners.

How can I be a publisher partner?

We are always adding great publishers. Email us!

What CPG categories do you work with?

Test Dryve was made food, beverage, beauty, home, personal care and pet products. Anything sample deal that allows for a Test Dryve price to the consumer under $25.

WHO have you worked with in the past?

We love our brand partners. We've worked with over 100 brands including TRU Energy, Magic Mind, eBoost, Huron, Strips, and Wicked Cuts.

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